Participate in Vision China 2023, showcasing industrial imaging solutions


- Machine vision cameras and lenses, x-ray detectors, golf simulators, and 16 other products on display

Vieworks, a leading provider of imaging solution, is accelerating its efforts to target key markets such as China and Southeast Asia with its industrial imaging solution business, which is experiencing rapid growth and expanding applications.

Vieworks announced that it participated in Vision China 2023, the largest optical imaging exhibition in China, held in Shanghai, from November 11 to 13. The company exhibited and marketed its full range of industrial imaging solutions, including machine vision cameras, x-ray detectors, and golf simulators.


Vieworks' machine vision cameras have opened a new horizon in the field of ultra-precise equipment inspection by significantly improving image quality compared to existing technologies. 

The VP Series, which has a self-cooling structure to minimize image noise caused by heat, and the VN Series, which maximizes the clarity of the inspection image with its self-developed pixel shifting technology, were introduced as representative products of the area scan camera.

The VTDI Series, a lineup of TDI (Time Delayed Integration) linescan cameras with hybrid sensors developed by Vieworks, is specialized for large-area 8th generation display, semiconductor, and industrial film inspection environments.

In addition, to target high-end inspection equipment, we introduced the VEO series of industrial lenses developed in collaboration with the lens maker Schneider. When combined with the VTDI series, the VEO lens is capable of detecting defects as small as 0.4 micrometers (㎛), further enhancing inspection precision.

The industrial x-ray detector has also been highly recognized for its high image quality, durability, and usability. When used in non-destructive testing (NDT), it can detect internal defects in piping facilities such as oil and gas pipelines and airframe parts for aviation and ships while maintaining their original shape.

"Vision China is the largest optical imaging exhibition in China and Asia, and we have been participating annually, and this year we are expanding our market by introducing a wide range of solutions, including X-ray detectors for non-destructive testing and golf simulators, in addition to machine vision," said a Vieworks representative.

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