Vieworks at Vision 2018 in Stuttgart


Vieworks showcased the variety of new camera lineup at VISION 2018


Vieworks, a global leader in machine vision, presented the latest industrial cameras at VISION 2018 in Stuttgart, Germany. Vieworks participated with the biggest booth size in Vieworks history to celebrate the upcoming 20th anniversary of the company foundation.


The main theme of the exhibition is “Vieworks, your vision partner”. Vieworks not only demonstrated its incredible high-resolution and high-speed camera lineup but also offered a customized camera solution by consulting with customers at their needs.


The highlighted products for this year is 155 megapixel CMOS camera, the world’s highest resolution ever in history, from VHR(Vieworks High Resolution) lineup. Vieworks will also showcase VTM-16K, a winner of Gold 2018 Innovators Award conducted by Vision Systems Design. VTM-16K is multi-spectral TDI line scan camera based on Vieworks’ outstanding Hybrid Image Sensor Technology, VTDI featuring high sensitivity and high speed.


155 Megapixel World’s Highest Resolution CMOS Camera, VC-155M


- 155 Megapixel Resolution with a 3.5um Pixel Size

- 16384  9440 Pixels with a 66.1mm in Diagonal

- CoaXPress Interface up to 15 fps at 25 Gbps using 4 CH

- Camera Link Full Interface up to 4.2 fps

- Flat Field Correction

- 2  Binning – Horizontal and Vertical Independent


16k Multi-Spectral TDI Line Scan Camera, VTM-16K

  - High Speed and Low Power Consumption

  - 16k Multispectral TDI Line Scan with a 5.0um Pixel size

  - 16384  280 Pixels with M95 Mount

  - Line Rates up to 300KHz

  - CoaXPress Interface

  - Bidirectional Operations with up to 280 TDI Stages

  - Individual Band (Red, Green, Blue and White/NIR) Selection



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