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5.0X / F1.3

Industrial Lens Optimized for 16k VT Series (M95)


Optimized for 16k TDI Line Scan Cameras

Precisely designed for Vieworks' TDI line scan cameras, VEO JM Series achieves best image quality when used with Vieworks' 16k VT Series (M95). VEO JM Series is optimized for 16k / 5 ㎛ line sensors with 82 mm image circles.


High Magnification Lens with Exceptional Performance

VEO_JM DIAMOND 5.0X / F1.3 is a high-magnification lens that performs best at a magnification of 5.0x and an aperture of F/1.3. Chromatic aberration is minimal and best performance is maintained even when the spatial frequency reaches as high as 72 LP/mm on the image plane (360 LP/mm on the object plane). When used with VT Series (M95), a resolution of 1.0 ㎛ per pixel is achieved.

  • *Image 800% enlarged
  • *Fiber coaxial illumination used
  • *Vieworks VERI-PANEL used

Superior Defect Detection

Its high magnification and resolution make the lens effective at detecting submicron defects. With a threshold value of 15, pinhole defects as small as 0.4 ㎛ and island defects as small as 0.8 ㎛ can be detected. Open and short defects can be detected to an even preciser degree than pinhole defects.

*Depending on the VERI-PANEL and the optical component for coaxial illumination used in testing, results may show slight variations.
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Performance       Click for information arrow
Parameter Specification Remarks
Magnification range 5.0 (4.9 ... 5.1)
F/# range F/1.3 ... F/2.8 Optimum F/1.3
Numerical aperture 0.305 Object Plane
Max. sensor size [㎜] 82
Infinite F/# F/1.3
Focal length [㎜] 100
Depth of field [㎛] 6.2 @ P. CoC 10 ㎛
Distortion < 0>
Wavelength [㎚] 436 ... 645 Visible
Working distance [㎜] 31 (32 ... 30) B/S ... Object
Beam splitter size 35 × 35 × 80
Total length [㎜] 691 ± 2 from Object to Sensor
Interface V110 mount 0.75 pitch
Iris Changeable
Relative illumination > 95%
Weight [g] 3547
Optical Parameters       Click for information arrow
Contents Parameter Value
Chief Ray Angle (Max.) in object plane CRA 3.2
Effective focal length f’eff [㎜] 100.18
Front focal length SF [㎜] 12.46
Back focal length S’F’ [㎜] -62.55
Principal plane distance HH’ [㎜] -28.32
Pupil magnification β‘P 0.79
Entrance pupil position SEP [㎜] 114.28
Exit pupil position S’AP [㎜] -141.73
Vertex width Σd [㎜] 222.12
* Documentation related to the product can be found in the Download Center.
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