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Vieworks Industrial Cameras
Create Values beyond What is Visible

Vieworks develops industrial cameras based on the industry’s top optical design technology. The industrial camera plays the role of an “eye” in the machine vision, which is one of the core areas of industrial automation. For quality control and stabilization of the inspection objects, the company focuses on the development of camera technologies for taking higher resolution at a faster speed.

Vieworks launched an ultra-high resolution industrial camera using the pixel shift technology in 2010. It is the technology that broke through the physical limitation of the camera sensor and achieved much higher resolution, allowing users pinpoint even the error of a single tiny pixel. Also, the camera using the thermoelectric cooling technology drops the sensor temperature down to a level that is up to 20 degrees lower than the ambient temperature to maintain uniform image quality.

In addition, the hybrid TDI (time delayed integration) sensor, which Vieworks developed for the first time in the world, combines only the strengths of the CMOS sensor and the CCD sensor, demonstrating the industry’s top performance. As exemplified by the recent development of the 152MP sensor which has the highest resolution for a single sensor, the company is breaking the technological barrier. Furthermore, unusual for an industrial camera, Vieworks' camera was recognized for elegant product design, winning design awards such as Red Dot and iF design.

For a company to achieve the maximum system performance in the machine vision industry, multilateral experiences and technical knowledge in sensors, optics, applications, etc. are essential. Vieworks is ready to step up to become “your vision partner” that proposes the optimized system based on the expertise and market experience in various applications. We will continue to provide cameras of the cutting edge technology and top quality as well as value proposition that goes beyond just imaging.

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