VEO Focus, a Sub-Micro Level Inspection Solution for Next-gen Display and Semiconductor


- Five optical configurations to meet customer needs, providing customized solutions

- Optimized for display and semiconductor inspection with sub-micro level ultra-fine detection

Vieworks, a leading provider of medical and industrial imaging solution, announced today that it has introduced an optical solution for ultra-precision inspection that can customize each part such as lens, camera, and lighting to meet customer requirements. 

VEO Focus, developed by Vieworks, is a solution that maximizes production yields by inspecting defects at the sub-micro (less than one micrometer) level by combining a high-sensitivity industrial camera and a high-magnification lens optimized for it. As the demand for high-specification inspection systems grows due to the technological growth of the display and semiconductor industries, we plan to provide an integrated solution that incorporates an auto-focus module. 

VEO Focus is used in areas that require large-area, high-magnification imaging, such as OLED and micro LED displays, semiconductors, and PCB (printed circuit board) defect inspection. When used in the display inspection process, it is mainly used to inspect uneven surface patterns and defective pixels, and in the PCB inspection process, it is used to inspect sub-micro-level circuit damage and pin holes. 

'VEO Focus' is composed of five parts: camera, lens combined with transit, illumination system, autofocus module including motion control, and precision optical setting unit, which can be customized according to the specifications required by customers. In particular, the autofocus module, developed in-house by Vieworks, enables the camera to take up to 3,000 shots per second without the need for a separate image processing device such as a PC, and to calculate the position of the subject in real time to obtain accurate images.

Superior defect detection performance The combination of the high-performance TDI (Time Delayed Integration) line scan camera VTDI and the optimized lens VEO enables high-quality image acquisition over the entire inspection area.It is capable of detecting extremely fine defects down to 0.3 to 0.4 micrometers, and the combination of an illuminometer further enhances the visibility of the object to be inspected.

Meanwhile, the high-resolution TDI line scan camera VTDI, a component of VEO Focus, is a lineup with hybrid sensors developed by Vieworks. By combining the advantages of CCD (Charge Coupled Device) and CMOS (Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor) sensors, it is possible to realize clear images even in ultra-high-speed shooting environments by combining sharp image quality and fast image processing speed.

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